Tax Problems

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Are You Facing One of The Following Tax Problems?

  • Tax Audit
  • Tax Arrears Problems
  • Unreported Income
  • Back Tax
  • Demand to File
  • Overdue Tax Debts
  • CRA Tax Relief
  • Late Tax
  • Payroll Tax Arrears
  • Unfair Income Garnishment
  • Tax Reassessment
  • Canadian Tax Relief
  • CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) Taxpayer Relief
  • Voluntary Disclosure Program or VDP
  • Tax Amnesty or Tax Pardon
  • CRA Tax Problems
  • GST/HST Audit
  • PST Audit
  • Tax Collection Problems
  • Business Expense Disallowed
  • Wage Garnishment or Income Garnishments
  • Bank Freeze, Bank Levy
  • House Lien or Property Lien
  • Large Tax Owing
  • Collection Agent’s Notice

Then you have come to the right place, we can assure you that you will have tax help by the seasoned tax professionals; as long as you want to fix your tax problem quickly.

At Tax Partners, we relieve your tax problems quickly

Are you looking for a firm that can help you with URGENT TAX PROBLEMS that you are presently experiencing? If yes, then you will be glad to know that there is help available. You can call us right now at 1(888) TAX-8500 ! You have nothing to lose, as we offer free initial consultation! CALL US NOW AT (905) 836-8755 or email us at [email protected].

Tax Partners is a firm with tax professionals with exceptional tax system knowledge

Knowledge of the tax system is essential when dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). However, more often than not, it’s not enough to save you significant time and money. You also need to know how to set up your records and record keeping system and know how to use the tax rules so that you benefit as much as possible. You need to know how to use the tax rules to your best advantage and also to protect you from unwanted tax “surprises”. We can help you employ the tax rules properly, and that in turn will ensure that you don’t have tax arrears, penalties and interest charged to you that can end up being larger than the original tax amount itself.

How We Can Get Help You

As a professional and experienced Tax Resolution Firm we can help you to deal with all of your tax problems so that you can focus on other important matters in your life such as spending time with families or taking care of your business. Our tax specialists interface with the CRA daily and can defend your tax return positions effectively and whenever you need them to.

Dealing with the CRA agent is important and it will go faster and more smoothly if you have our help. We can do the necessary negotiation with the CRA on your behalf and free you of the trouble of dealing with CRA on your own. Contact us for help. We can help you with a variety of tax crisis such as TAX AUDIT, UNREPORTED INCOME, TAX DEBTS, LATE TAX, BACK TAX, TAX AUDIT, TAX APPEAL, UNFAIR REASSESSMENT, OVERDUE TAXES, INCOME GARNISHMENT, BANK LEVY, PROPERTY LIEN, ASSETS SEIZURE, VDP, VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE, TAX COLLECTION PROBLEMS, etc.

CALL US NOW (905) 836-8755 or email us at [email protected]! Keep in mind, the tax problems won’t go away on their own. You need to take action to make it happen. You owe yourself a phone call to Tax Partners and book a FREE CONFIDENTIAL AND NO OBLIGATION consultation to learn what steps to take to fix your tax problem TODAY!