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Big Firm Advice with Small Firm Fees

What We Offer

Tax Services

Let us optimize your individual or business income tax return preparation

Tax Services

Let us optimize your individual or business income tax return preparation

Business Solutions

We are your best sources of advice on managing many aspects of your business

Business Solutions

We are your best sources of advice on managing many aspects of your business

Accounting Support

We can help you stay organized with any depth of accounting that you may need and more

Accounting Support

We can help you stay organized with any depth of accounting that you may need and more

Estate & Wealth

We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your needs today

Estate & Wealth

We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your needs today and your goals for the future by working with your advisor

As a business owner, you make decisions every day. Important decisions about how to grow

As a business owner, you make decisions every day. Important decisions about

how to grow, how to deal with change, how to maximize performance and productivity, how to ensure your business has value, how to manage your personal wealth

Our clients trust us for our perspective, insight and advice. We think beyond the numbers and provide expert advice based on real business insight that will help your business succeed.

Our Firm’s creativity goes a long way! We have been very successful in providing innovative but practical ways of maximizing value for our clients. And when our clients see the result, our extra attention is appreciated. Contact us today for a FREE complimentary consultation meeting!

Our Clients Say

Its always a pleasure doing business with Mahad, as he offers professionalism and dedication. I am confident in knowing that my taxes are being prepared by a very credible establishment. I would recommend to everyone I know. Thank you for helping me file my US taxes!

Pawan kumar

Mahad has been preparing my taxes since my move from BC to ON three years ago. Mahad is thorough and has done a great job every year and every year, my filing has been different. You will be pleased by having your taxes prepared by Mahad.

Andrii Zharskyi

Mahad is a top of the line accountant in Ontario that fights the CRA for his clients. His communication with me is great and I am very happy with his work.

Samantha Simonis

I hate dealing with CRA, they make it difficult to get anywhere with my tax issues. I came to Tax Partners and Mahad made everything like a walk in the park. He knows the ins and outs of how CRA works and uses it to his advantage in assisting with my issues. I’ve never received such stress relief from any of my previous accountants. Would refer anyone to come here.

Ashley Bird

Thank you for all your help in filing my tax returns. You guys are the best and will always recommend your services to others!

Kelly Michaels

My father recently passed away, Mahad was very helpful with dealing with the estate of my father. There was so much I needed to do and without Mahad I would have been lost in an already difficult time. I would highly recommend Mahad and Tax Partners for all your Estate issues and for a peace of mind.

Andrew W Bradley

Absolutely outstanding. Doug is beyond extraordinary. Worked with me patiently and honestly. He gave me options and told me his personal opinions on what he thought was best for me. Best experience I’ve ever had doing my taxes, will request him again next year.

colina atos

Kayran has been preparing my taxes for years. I have a pretty complicated tax filing situation with corporations and personal taxes. He has handled them all for me so I don’t have to worry about it. He is very personable and happy to answer questions and take whatever time is need to explain things when needed. I am totally confident in him and will continue to have him advise me on taxes.

Jenni Lee
Mr. Mahad is the best tax accountant that we have ever worked with! We had a very unique question a couple of years ago that we need help from an accountant. We talked with quite a few other accountants when we were choosing an account and Mr. Mohamed is the only one who knew how to do it! It saved us some decent amount of money. Mr. Mohamed is not only knowledgeable, he is also very prompt and is always there ready to help! When I have questions in the middle of the year for the tax planning, he always addresses our concerns right away! We have been with him for 2 years now and we never looked elsewhere for another accountant!
Margret Hardy
Mahad Mohamed has been our personal and corporate tax accountant for over 3 years. He is knowledgeable about our options and we have been extremely happy with the way he has helped us make good decisions concerning our deductions today and going forward. We have kept our business relationship even though we moved to another state. We highly recommend Mahad for your family and friends as well.
Jay Ellis

Doug was great. Very professional, efficient and nice. I had no idea how to handle my tax situation which consisted of multiple years of unfiled taxes. He did everything quickly and with no judgement. I would recommend him to anyone and I will continue to have him do my taxes

Dora Taylor

I have been going to Cathy Binns for the past 14 years and was transitioned to Mahad whom I have been working with for the last 3 years. Mahad has always been very helpful and professional. He makes the tax filing process very simple and explains everything in great detail. I would recommend Mahad to anyone looking for a tax advisor.

Daniel Anthony

Mahad is very detailed and extremely friendly. Would strongly recommend to anyone
looking for first class service!..Its Nice Service for anyone….

Jack Williams
First class operation, on time and very tentative to all my needs. Helps me stay organized.
Carla Houston

I had my annual income taxes done here and it was so convenient. We dropped them off and filled out some quick paperwork, 3 days later (right on time) they were done and we just had to pick up the paperwork. Used to go to H&R Block but pricing at Tax Partners is equal pricing with significantly better service, more convenience, good operating hours, and my return was better. Definitely will be back next year.

Tracy Gibbons
Excellent service. Client for more than 5 years.
Laura Elena Rojas Rodríguez
I have had such as great experience working with Mr. Mohamed as he was able to walk me through my taxes questions and prep work. For the first time in 12 years, I was going to be filing with a different status for 2016 and really needed guidance. He was able to take away a great deal of the stress and anxiety that I was experiencing! We actually started working together back in September so I could begin to prepare and I never felt rushed through the process. This was my first year working with Mr. Mohamed and his firm – I am so glad I was referred to him. I am also grateful for the advice that I have received for 2017 and know that I am a valued client throughout the year versus just at tax time!
Phillip Vanarsdel
Mr. Mahad Mohamed is a great professional and delivers tax services for individuals and business activities. I have been using his services for over three years and I am very satisfied with his on-time appointments and detail oriented income tax consultations. He has a great personality which makes easier working with him in a session. I would like to strongly recommend Mr. Mohamed to anyone for tax purposes and accounting services for any business from any industry, not only because his extensive experience and understanding.
Garrett Williams

Mr. Mohamed was introduced to me via an informative Tax workshop held by my company. I was extremely impressed by his knowledge and ease of explaining such a daunting topic. His pleasant demeanor and expertise swayed myself to try his services out. With that being said, not only do I do my taxes with Mr. Mohamed, I’ve also referred my family and friends to Tax Partners as wel

Lee-Anna Ramsaroop
I highly recommend Mr. Crosdale. He is phenomenal. The reason I said that is because he’s been doing my taxes for years now. As far as I remember since 2013. He is great! He will never fail you and on top of that. He is someone you can trust.! Oh yeah he did my mom’s and some friend’s taxes too.
Chris Jeremy
Mahad has been very helpful, very thorough, very knowledgeable. I have referred several people to him, was referred to him by my banker. Personal service at a very reasonable price. Takes not much time to complete the forms. I recommend him highly.
Chris Livingsworth
Mahad has been preparing my US Tax filings for 3 years. My US return is somewhat complicated and previously was completed by large international tax firms. Mahad has provided excellent, equivalent service at a much reduced cost and with more of a personal relationship. I highly recommend his services.
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