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Asset Management

With changing accounting, tax, and regulatory pronouncements, the world of asset management is constantly changing. But with every evolving investment strategy and increasingly complex asset management structure comes opportunity.

At Tax Partners, our professionals are at the forefront of the industry, as we take advantage of efficient operating structures to ensure increased transparency helping our clients adapt their investment strategy and take full advantage of every opportunity they can. We apply a holistic approach, using our cross-functional industry knowledge to offer comprehensive, integrated solutions with proven results.

By staying on top of the latest industry developments, we help Investment Fund organizations, advisors, and administrators anticipate challenges, comply with regulations, and ultimately, stay ahead of the competition.

In past clients we serviced, we acted as the “outsourced” company and have completed the following tasks and we are fully equipped to assist you.

  • Corporate Accounting
    • Complete corporate monthly financial and reporting packages
    • Prepare annual financial statements and facilitate audits and review for corporate entities
    • File monthly GST/HST returns and respond to audits and inquiries as required
    • Distribute asset management fee invoices and follow up on outstanding collections
  • Client Cash Management
    • Review and submit approved draw requests to clients
    • Review distributions and communication of notices to clients
    • Initiate online wire transfer of income distributions to clients
    • Cash flow reforecasting as required for development and income-producing properties
  • Client Accounting
    • Full-cycle accounting for corporate statements
      - Track intercompany loans
      ­ - Code accounts payable
      ­ - Post cash transactions
      ­ - Maintenance of share registers and equity schedule
      ­ - Calculate profit on land and building sales
      ­ - Prepare corporate draw requests and distributions as required
      ­ - Facilitate annual audits
      ­ - Prepare budgets
  • Asset Management
    • Prepare client reports for quarterly updates including lease data, Investment Property Databank (IPD) Index, property summary and monthly trial balance uploads
    • Prepare annual budgets
      - Calculate asset management fees for incorporation within the property budgets
      - Prepare templates and financial schedules for budget reporting
    • Report on project-specific approved funding limits and availability

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