Connolly and McNamara

Advice and Guidance

We are your best sources of advice on managing many aspects of your business.


The partners have a long and varied pedigree that gives us a perspective unlike other advisers. This comes from having worked in industry for owner managers like you and having been owner managers ourselves for many years.


We know how to listen to your needs and wants and will be able to use our experience to help you make the right decisions about your business. We are here to counsel you with your most difficult decisions. We are your sounding board, your voice of reason and experience, and sometimes the necessary sobering second thought. While we won't make the tough decisions for you, we will make sure that you have and understand all the information necessary to make a fully informed and balanced decision.


As your business advisers, we can help with many areas of your business:

  • human resource management
  • preparing business plans and projections for potential lenders
  • assist with asset purchase decisions
  • new product line investment decisions
  • employee incentive plans
  • business valuations
  • managing cash flow through good and difficult times
  • changes in ownership
  • sale of a business and succession planning
  • business start-up
  • business expansion
  • reorganizations for tax and business purposes
  • negotiations of all types
  • CRA audits
  • new accounting systems
  • and much more

If you want to discuss your business one-on-one, call us. We are here to listen to your concerns and provide insight, perspective and advice. A word of caution though... we tell it like it is so you might not always like our response... but, isn't that what you should be paying for?


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