Connolly and McNamara

Accounting / Controllership

Being organized from the start is the key to maximizing profitability and keeping costs down. This is especially true for your accounting and record keeping. For every business, poor record keeping will lead to inefficient cost management and lost revenue opportunities.

We can help you stay organized with any depth of accounting that you may need. This includes:

  • choosing the right accounting software
  • implementing a new system
  • training
  • ongoing monthly review of bookkeeping

With a financial information system that provides timely, accurate, and complete financial information about your business, you will have the information you need to make better decisions.

In House Accounting

We can be your accounting department. If you are a new business, perhaps a start-up, then why not consider having us look after the details of your accounting information system. When you are ready to hire your own in house accounting team we will seamlessly transfer the system and data to your new team.

We are also available for those catastrophes that can happen once in a while. If your books are a mess, we will straighten them out and put you on the right path to better information management.

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