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Demand to File Notice

December 2014

There are many telephone calls or letters that most people would rather avoid, and a “demand to file notice” is certainly one of them. If tax return issues are causing problems, then it can be a good idea to do some online research and perhaps consider enlisting the help of a competent and knowledgeable tax professional who can aid you in filing your return more easily to get the CRA off your back.

Don’t get buried by government bureaucracy

As everyone knows, the CRA has an endless supply of complicated rules, regulations, and paper work that can seriously impede one’s financial progress and get in the way of other aspects of life as well. Many try to fight by themselves in dealing with a “demand to file’ notice, and end up wasting time, and money.

That is why there are people who are looking into finding tax professionals who can help them in filing their tax return that otherwise can snowball into a fiscal nightmare. The CRA does not make a point to simplify your life, so you are left to turn to whomever you choose to help you, or try to go it alone. Those who wrongly assume that they understand the legal system and taxes in general are often jolted into the error of that assumption and may pay a heavier price in the end as well.

Having knowledgeable people on your side can make a huge difference

Sometimes people consult professionals they may think are appropriate for their “demand to file” notice issues, and find that they are paying an arm and a leg to a person who overcomplicates the issue and may not even specialize in taxes at all, adding another layer of complexity to the already stressful affair.

Finding a competent tax firm such as Tax Partners can get you moving in the right direction. If you have a professional for other reasons it may still be prudent to look into a tax specialist since the law and financial system is extremely nuanced and complicated, meaning there are many specific areas that different professionals can work on.

Act quickly to avoid the pile-up

An unfiled tax return can prompt a demand to file notice from the CRA which can send people into a sort of panic. They may try to figure things out and act prematurely, without knowing all the facts and figures relevant to their unique situation. If people want to act quickly, it is best to gain as much knowledge about different possibilities rather than letting fear and anxiety take over. Sometimes people believe they know the right course of action and immediately try to fix their situation quickly only to find they are making things worse in the long run.

We specialize in handling urgent tax crises and we have helped innumerable people in similar situations. Now you do not have to get bogged down in a spiral of tax-related issues. Get in touch with us right away as we can help you! Call us now at (905) 836-8755 or email us at

How to Select Tax Service Providers

For people facing demand to file notice from CRA, two things are very important in selecting tax service firms to fix the problem: the experiences, the speed and the costs.


Tax Partners’ tax team has helped many clients with tax problems just like you to get satisfactory resolutions. The great services we provide are the results of years of Canadian tax knowledge and experiences dealing with the CRA for complicated tax problems.

Tax Partners is a firm with integrity. Our core value is to put clients’ best interests before the business revenue. Clients’ Best Interests First is the mentality for Tax Partners and all of our associates.


Tax Partners has the highest ratings for response in the whole industry. Many clients are very impressed about how quickly we responded to their calls for help. We get back to client promptly no matter what. This is important because we understand that clients who come to us are under severe stress and the urgency of the problem is overwhelming. All matters need to be dealt with very quickly before damages spread further. That is why we are called Tax Partners.


We offer initial consultation completely FREE. Experienced tax consultants will help you to understand the scope of your tax problems. We will also provide you with the steps to address your tax problems effectively. It is free and you do not need to feel the obligation to work with us at the end if your expectation is different.

What is more, if you do decided work with us, we want you to understand that we guarantee our rates to be competitive in the entire tax resolution industry.

So get Tax Help TODAY by calling Tax Partners team at (905) 836-8755 or email us at Tax problems won’t go away on their own SO ACT NOW!

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