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CRA Taxpayer Relief Provision

December 2014

What is a taxpayer relief?

Taxpayer Relief is an agreement that is negotiated between the taxpayer and the CRA to resolve the taxpayer’s debt issue. In many cases, the CRA settles tax liabilities by accepting less than the actual amount owed to them.

Why work with professionals to get tax relief for you.

Professionals understand all the rules for taxpayer relief. They will do their assessment before doing tax relief as not all clients are eligible for tax relief. The decision of whether to proceed with taxpayer relief requires professional judgement. This can ensure that you do not waste time on fruitless pursuit. Professionals do not just simply submit the Tax Relief form because they understand the risk of not being prepared properly, which can cause bigger damage than before. Sometimes submitting tax relief can trigger other tax problems due to unintended exposures to CRA. Taxpayer relief application does require tax expertise to present optimal information to get the best settlement. It is not just a simple form filling excises as many may have thought. In fact, ill-prepared application may completely kill the possibility of any eligible request. Taxpayer relief case takes long time anywhere between four months to few years and thus require ongoing follow up and contact with CRA. Most clients do not have the time or convenience to deal with CRA whenever required. There are many moving pieces to the puzzle of a tax relief case. Without professional guidance, you may easily find yourself trapped and confused. Doing tax relief negotiation without professional help is like fighting a hostile enemy without any protection. It automatically puts you into hopeless position to win and can even put you into dangerous situations.

Taxpayer relief application is a complicated process

Many taxpayers do not know that a taxpayer relief is not just a form. It is in fact an extremely complicated and difficult process and only experienced tax firm can help you. Only few tax firms in Canada have the knowledge and experience to reduce the taxpayer’s burden through taxpayer relief. Tax Partners is one such firm; we can guide you through the entire taxpayer relief process, so that you are benefitted through it to the best possible extent. A taxpayer relief is submitted by us only after we have analyzed all the possible options. Some of such options are submitting or resubmitting revised tax returns. After addressing all your tax problems and after making sure that your tax penalties are minimized to the greatest extent possible, we then submit a taxpayer relief on your behalf. We understand that the CRA can sometimes be very difficult to deal with, and hence we are always thorough with our researches and homework. We ensure that you get the right tax settlement. Call us right now at (905) 836-8755 or email us at

Our offer & service promise

It became obvious that when Tax Partners is chosen by so many people with their tax problems, it proves Tax Partners team’s service qualities and expertise in dealing with challenging tax problems. Clients often refer their friends or families to come to get help from Tax Partners because of they are so impressed about the great services Tax Partners has provided. We’ve helped countless people to move on with their lives. We are extremely proud of what we do. Clients in turn showed their great appreciation to our professional and dedicated services. Let us make you another happy client! Our RISK FREE and NO Obligation initial consultation is a great way to get you started risk free. The consultation is conducted to help you to understand your tax situation better. We will also provide you recommendations and action steps on how to achieve best tax result. Then you can decide what to do from there. Like many other clients, if you do decide to work with us to file your taxpayer relief application, we will make sure you have the peace of mind that you have chosen the best tax service provider and got the best value. After all, based on clients’ feedback, we provide much superior client services in the tax negotiation industry. Act TODAY and get professional Tax Help by calling Tax Partners at (905) 836-8755 or email us at

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