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CRA Tax Appeal

December 2014

Now You Can Appeal a CRA Tax Assessment – Tax Partners Can Help You

If you have received a Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and if you are of the opinion that the CRA has not interpreted the facts correctly, then you have the right to object to the assessment or reassessment from the CRA. You can also object to determinations and re-determinations of taxes such as the Goods and Service Tax, Harmonized Sales Tax, etc.

Filing an objection

Most people have no idea that one, they can object CRA’s decision; two, how to go about to object the reassessment; three, when to file the objection; four, what should be submitted to increase the chance of winning the case, etc. With all the factors above, no wonder most taxpayers just swallow the pills and pay whatever is demanded by the CRA. Having an experienced tax representative on your side and doing the appeal for you increases your odds drastically. Tax Partners has the expertise to deal with Tax Appeal. Because we do it day in and day out we’ve learned all the tricks and twists in the tax system. So Call Tax Partners TODAY at (905) 836-8755 or email us at and start fighting for what is rightful yours.

You do not need to pay the disputed income tax amounts

You don’t have to pay the disputed amount until your case is formally reviewed by the CRA. Or, if you have filed a tax appeal, then you need not pay the disputed tax amounts till the CRA Tax Appeal Division issues its verdict on your case. Conversely, if you have filed an objection, then you can request the disputed amount that you paid to the CRA to be refunded to you.

Time Limit

If you have received a Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency and you want to file a tax appeal you have 90 days to do so. If you want to win a tax appeal, the best thing to do is to hire a competent tax professional to appeal for you.

Appeal Deadlines

Nearly 100,000 tax appeals are processed annually by the tax appeal branch of the CRA. It is a requirement to file a Notice of Objection within 90 days of receiving the Notice of Reassessment. Your Notice of Objection will be assessed by the appeals branch who will make their decisions. It is highly recommended that you retain the services of a qualified tax professional to represent your interests through the appeal process to increase your chance of winning. Contact Tax Partners TODAY at (905) 836-8755 or email us at and increase the winning chance.

Appeal Decision Options

The appeals division may choose one of the three options for their final decisions.

1. To vacate the reassessment provided by the CRA auditor. This means your original return and tax assessment will stand.

2. The CRA appeals board may confirm the reassessment provided by the auditor and you will owe the amount of the reassessment.

3. As a final option, the board may make an entirely new adjustment. The new adjustment would reflect the difference between the appeal and the reassessment. A new adjustment would include a Notice of Reassessment.

A Notice of Decision will be made by the appeals board explaining the decision that is made. You and your tax professional can decide if the appeal decision is still unfair. Continuing to fight the Tax Court may lead to changes in tax law if you win your case. At this stage, we will arrange a highly experienced tax lawyer to increase your chances of a successful tax appeal in the higher court. You don’t have to agree blindly to the tax assessment provided by the CRA. If you are confident that the CRA has misappropriated the facts, then you can hire tax professionals such as Tax Partners who can help you make a tax appeal, and can help you to go through the complex appeal system and come out ahead! Call Tax Partners now at (905) 836-8755 or email us at and to fight for what is yours!

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