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What to consider when hiring an accountant

December 2014

When hiring an accountant, there are many things to consider. To start, your accountant should:

  • be a Licensed Public Accountant
  • be approachable, easy to talk to and understand
  • be accessible and responsive to your needs
  • have access to other professionals for back up and support
  • be experienced and skilled with your particular business or circumstances
  • work with the latest tools and technologies that help ensure the work is up to the current standards
  • provide value for the amount billed and complete the work in a timely manner

There are certain attributes that set each accountant apart. Our strength and pride is in being a business about people -- you, your family and your staff. Your accountant should take time to get to know you and to learn everything which is important to you.

A trusted advisor

The accountant with whom you choose to work should be someone who can understand and relate to you and your business. Your accountant is someone you should want to turn to whenever an important financial or business decision is contemplated. It is essential that your accountant be available for you to talk to when important decisions must be made.

Broad range of skills

A good accountant should be skilled in a broad range of personal and professional abilities, not just numbers. He or she should provide not only answers to your questions but be proactive, making suggestions and challenging you to improve your business and maximize your opportunities.

Valuable insight

Your accountant should be an important contributor to your return on investment, enhancing it with each decision that is made, always thinking about the bigger picture and how it affects you.

Shopping for an accountant on price alone is like anything else; you get what you pay for! The real question ought to be "What value will my accountant bring to my business and me personally?"

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